What is Health and Lifestyle Alchemy?

The transformation of pain and suffering into awareness and freedom through a unique process of transmutation. Using symptoms and stressors in the body, mind, and life to inform a creative and emerging therapeutic process that cultivates vibrant health and lasting well being.

I’m a Health and Lifestyle Alchemist. Over the last 20 years I’ve studied and offered multiple dozens of holistic therapeutic modalities. I’m licensed nationally and in two states as an acupuncturist, certified in functional medicine, certified in advanced craniosacral therapy, LifeLine technique practitioner and educator, homeopath, neural therapist, and I sit on the board of the state association of acupuncture in Colorado, to name a few. I’ve noticed very serious gaps in the thinking about and implementation of Ȑholistic healthcare modalitiesȑ. I’ve come to better understand that having valid healthcare practitioner credentials alone isn’t enough. The same holds true in Western medicine, attending and graduating from a medical program does not mean you’re a good doctor.

This is why I’ve coined the term Health and Lifestyle Alchemist. It is the closest definition of what I offer, that explains the seemingly magical results and experiences that my patients undergo during their therapeutic transformation. If credentials aren’t enough, then what is? This is where the alchemy begins. I have spent my life, often unbeknownst to me, developing a unique set of skills that meet you exactly where you are and guide you to where you want to be in your health and life. I’m not the healer, you are. I’m your alchemical guide, acutely listening to your body, mind and spirit, responding to their requests, inquiries and directions, while teaching you to do the same.

Before I explain further, I want to reassure you that it’s a joyful mixture of work and play. Change and transformation have gotten a bad rap. You may notice a sense of dread when you think about changing your nutrition, habits, and lifestyle. You may cringe at the notion of Ȑgiving something upȑ. I understand because I’ve worked with many hundreds of people who felt this way about certain things. What you may not have heard or come to understand yet is that you are gaining a whole new you and this comes with incredible gifts and pleasures. The few things you may be inspired to drop will be replaced by incredibly rewarding feelings, foods, and experiences that will blow the old stuff out of the water. Our brains and minds trick us into clinging to the old because it’s familiar but if you hang in there, rewire your brain and change your mind, allowing your body to heal, then you will joyfully reap the benefits of a healthier and happier you. Next, the celebration of your vibrant and thriving nature begins and I’ll be with you cheering you on.

It can be difficult to explain the process of individualized healing alchemy, so let me give you an example. I recently worked with an amazing woman. Not many people know her powerful past as a medicine woman living off the land, nor the intense abuse in her past. She came to see me specifically to help her heal from a very traumatic fall that left many bones broken in her feet, ankles and legs. We prepared to do Ȑscar workȑon the multiple old surgery sites. One can never truly know what may arise during such a session and yet the sense of something profound about to happen was palpable. She was nervous and I was soothing, grounding in listening and following her tissues as they guided me on her path of releasing trauma, memories, and the very root issues that caused the conditions of that severe fall. Yes, tissues speak and show me the way. I was humbled and held both the space and the neural therapy techniques as she stood in courage, surrendered to releasing that which no longer served her. Her body knew how to shake and release, when she needed guidance and support, I assisted. She knew she was never alone in this. Her mind observed the flashbacks without latching to them, her nervous system identified the trapped trauma and released it, her heart raced, her body was sweating, and then her heart settled in peace and gratitude, her body released and relaxed. The original abuse was locked in the organs and tissues of her low abdomen and sacrum, and it was time for it to leave and so it did. We both felt it, knew it and then she was free. This process took about three full hours.

You will have your own unique healing style and it’s my job to listen and honor you completely. This does mean I challenge your beliefs, thoughts, and actions when appropriate while holding you in compassion, love, honor, and health the entire time.

Alchemy isn’t about a cookie-cutter approach to symptoms or disease. Alchemy is about dancing to the beat of Your beautiful soul, inviting a new emergence of healing and self. It’s stepping into the mystery of your beauty, healing, and wholeness in a new way that leaves you in wonderment, peace, gratitude, and bliss. The path isn’t always comfortable but the rewards are more than worth it. As a Health and Lifestyle Alchemist, I don’t usually see people for thirty minutes or an hour at a time, as do other healthcare providers. These shorter sessions are helpful and can work for many people. However, I have found that I’m most skilled and passionate about deep dives into your transformational healing, which requires time. I prefer to work with people for multiple daylong transformational retreats. We often work 6 or more hours a day, four or five days in a row, one on one. By the end, you are quite different on many levels. One VIP patient, after day one of his transformational retreat, offered that he discovered more about himself and received more benefit in that day then his previous 30 years of psychotherapy and other body work. No, I’m not a psychotherapist, but the way in which I supported him to deeply dive into his body and mind allowed him to heal wounds of which he was vaguely aware. Each day he reported being unable to imagine that the following day of transformation could top the previous, but it did and he was in awe of the work he was able to do and pleasure he experienced

in a few short days. You may think I stop here, but the most vital part is to come, the integration phase after your transformation. I follow-up and support you to integrate what unfolded during our work together for about one month.

If you want to learn more about me and the work I’m offering please consider visiting my new website at kristinmcgary.com. I look forward to staying connected with you and supporting you on your own unique journey to vibrant health and well-being.

Blessings of Vibrant Health,
Kristin Grayce McGary
Health and Lifestyle Alchemist

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Kristin Grayce McGary weaves 20 years of experience, education, and wisdom with profound compassion to provide you with individualized, empowered, and holistic opportunities to heal on all levels. She is a passionate and dynamic teacher who truly embodies her work. She artfully blends healing modalities to guide you on a transformative path to optimal health.

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