Exclusive VIP Transformational Retreats

An incredible opportunity to transform your health and life now!

I’ve learned that one-on-one appointments are beautifully healing and facilitate peeling off the layers of imbalance and disharmony, but it can take time. Therefore I’ve created an Exclusive Transformational Therapy Program individualized to support you to dive deeply into the root causes of your physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual challenges, uncover the blocks and resolve them!
We can spend either four or five days together, weaving in modalities of healing that best suit your constitution, situation, challenges (blind spots), health and life goals. There are options for a longer retreat but I customize and individualize everything based on your desires and needs.
You have the option to bring me to you. Here I can support you in your own comfortable environment. I can also train your support staff in your new lifestyle upgrades. Some patient’s prefer to escape to their beach or country home for more privacy during this retreat. We can also journey to another country or place of your choice. You may find it easier to shift old patterns when you are away from the triggers of daily life, others may need the old environment to bring them up. There are many beautiful places on the planet to which we could go and facilitate profound healing. I am also familiar with parts of Puerto Rico and sacred waterfalls, which can facilitate deep healing; Hawaii, Bahamas, Sedona/Flagstaff AZ., Boulder, CO. Parts of Australia, and France to name a few. We can discuss the possibilities and find what is most suitable for your optimal health.

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What is the structure of each day?

You will experience two full sessions of therapy a day, approximately 1 1/2 hours per session. In between these sessions you will be given meditation instruction, nutritional and lifestyle guidance, sacred cacao meditation-(yes, I’ve developed five element chocolate meditation), hands-on cooking/raw un-cooking experiences, far infrared sauna, movement therapy, time in nature, art therapy and journaling work to name a few. These days are truly power-packed! I customize everything to meet you right where you are and then skillfully guide you to where you desire to be. We often begin with setting an intention for the day and meditation. If you aren’t familiar with this kind of inner work, don’t worry. I’m here to assess your needs, educate, and empower you to heal and thrive. We will regularly check-in to make certain your needs are being met. I also believe integration is essential to solidify the work we complete and therefore offer integration sessions after the retreat to ensure you are bringing the healing, tools, and gifts back into every aspect of your life. These integration sessions are part of your Exclusive Transformation Retreat at no exta charge.

What kinds of healing modalities are utilized?

I individualize each session to meet you where you are and guide you toward your health and life goals. I work with you to determine which healing modalities are the best match for you. The options include Acupuncture and Asian Medicine, Advanced CranioSacral Therapyand Somato Emotional Release, Dolphin Assisted Therapy, Equine Assisted Therapy, BioAquatic CranioSacral, Brain healing, Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, LifeLine Technique, Homeopathy, Integral life and business coaching, Biological medicine, Neural therapy, Homeopuncture, Sound Healing, Reiki, Chakra balancing, Contemplative and Embodiment exercises, and Energy/Spirit guide work. If you would like to explore interspecies, intensive therapy programs with dolphins or horses please inquire. I create and facilitate both equine and dolphin assisted interspecies therapy programs.

How does Kristin Grayce know what I need?

I offer a Free 30-60 minute Optimal Health consultation to determine if we are a good fit. Once we decide that an exclusive transformational therapy program is right for you I will take you through an extensive intake process. Prior to your arrival we will speak on the phone or over Skype to share your health goals and address any concerns you might have. I believe it is important for us both to feel it is a good match and fully understand your needs, intentions and goals.


I will review and evaluate

  • My own thorough intake/health history forms
  • Korean and Chinese pulse diagnoses
  • Chinese tongue diagnosis
  • Your previous lab tests and recommend more if needed
  • Nutrition, metabolic, neurological and toxicity evaluation forms
  • Structural evaluation using CranioSacral Rhythm assessment techniques
  • Chakra and energy evaluations
  • Emotional states and stages
  • Subconscious patterns of sabotage
  • The 8 blocks to healing
  • Your self-care strategies

I also utilize Ken Wilber’s Integral Map-AQAL to help you better understand your spiritual center of gravity, lines of development and underdevelopment, stages and levels of evolution and therefore begin life practices that fully embody your intentions.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring an open heart and mind! After we’ve spoke, I will create a list of what to bring. Generally you will need a bathing suit, journal, slippers, hiking or tennis shoes, a warm sweater or jacket, hat and mittens depending on the season, sun hat depending on the season, yoga or comfy pants in which to easily move or dance, medications or supplements you take, and No scented products or perfumesincluding hair spray, conventional deodorants, nail polish, and hair gels to name a few. You will receive a list of items to bring after we’ve decided on a program that is right for you.


You are responsible for all travel expenses, including mine; they are not included in the Exclusive Transformational Therapy Program investment, unless otherwise agreed upon. We will decide on an appropriate therapeutic location for your transformation. In certain regions, transportation to and from the airport will be provided for you unless otherwise specified. All other accommodations will be discussed and agreed upon. Please make certain you have emailed me your itinerary, (kristin@kristinmcgary.com). If you are driving yourself, I will send you or your driver detailed directions.


You are responsible for accommodations and we will discuss what best suits your needs.


Part of the transformational therapy program includes experiencing healthy cooking and raw un-cooking. This will depend on your energy level and need for integration and down time. We will discuss your nutritional needs and make sure you are taken care of. If we are in your space, with your personal chef, I’m happy to guide them on your new nutritional plan ahead of time. If we are at another location, we will likely have a personal chef. Occasionally, I will prepare meals for you, it depends on what I assess your needs to be. I’m happy to help you get your nutritional needs met as well as supporting any new nutritional additions we have discussed.


This is dependent upon whether you choose a four or five day transformation as well as your individual needs. Longer transformations are available if there is true need and commitment. I customize your program. We are a team and will work together to create a magical healing experience that is integrated with lasting impact on your life. Please call or email for the detailed investment schedule. There are paypal, cash, bank transfer, credit card, or check options. I look forward to supporting you in regaining Vibrant Health and thriving, sharing your passions and brilliance with the world!


“Doing a 4-day VIP Intensive with Kristin Grace was the best thing I could have ever done for my physical, mental and spiritual health. After 20 plus years of being constipated to the point I went 1 maybe 2 x/week, bloating, depression, migraines, headaches, fatigue, itchy scaly scalp, skin breakouts, and trying every different modality I heard of, I am finally going to the bathroom regularly. I am consistently eating healthier, lost 2 sizes, have a new positive attitude and feel a sense of freedom. People keep asking what I am doing differently with my skin as it looks healthy and smooth.
Kristin Grace made me feel comfortable to push through things when it seemed to hard to go on. I felt completely taken care of physically, mentally and spiritually. She fed me amazing food, held me when I cried and let me alone when I needed a break. I let a year go by deciding if I should spend the money, but the truth is I have spent way more than that over the years without the same results. I now know I am worth every penny and so is Kristin Grace.”

Moriah W. California

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