Akuna Cacao

Five Element Chocolate is a delicious way to experience aspects of nature that reflect many dimensions of our being. This organic, handmade, orgasmic, raw cacao embodies each of the elements in flavor, texture, and shape. It is vibrationally enhanced using tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, whale song, music,chanting, meditation, sounds of nature and the most powerful intention of Infinite Love and Gratitude.
The Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine are: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood.
Each element is associated with a channel of energy (meridian), chakra, organs, body parts, time of day, direction, emotion, color, smell, and flavor. The cacao takes on the qualities of the elements and chakras to bathe you in a delectable experience for all of the senses. By integrating the flavors, smells, shapes and vibrations of this sacred cacao you are reconnecting to aspects of yourself that are also found in nature. This ancient way of connecting through food is holy, profound, regenerative and fun.



Each elemental morsel is accompanied by a magical meditation intended to take you on a journey of the heart. The meditations guide you deeper into the subconscious supporting you to release old patterns, reawaken to the truth of who you are, and to thrive. Each meditation is created in harmony with a particular element. The visualizations, the language, the music, even the pauses are intended to support you in reconnecting to that element and to yourself in profound ways.
Great mindfulness and care is used in choosing the purest purple ceremonial cacao beans from Ecuador, brown cacao beans from Peru and essential oils and herbs from around the world to ensure the highest possible quality, potency, flavor and effect. Each oil and herb is chosen according to exacting standards of quality. They are harvested from prime locales at optimal time of year, month, day and moon cycle. Those who harvest carry positive intention and practice in traditional, sustainable ways. They are fresh, pure, organic, never irradiated, tested to be free of contaminants and processed without toxic solvents. They are free of gluten, dairy, soy, corn, peanuts, processed sugars, toxic preservatives, and insect parts.

A Word of Caution

This chocolate is not intended to be used as a substance of addiction. It is soul food which can enable us to shift out of the old, live in the present with gratitude, and fall more deeply in love with our selves, with others, and with the world around us.

Workshop Break Facilitation

Sacred Cacao meditations are the perfect support for workshop participants to regenerate, reconnect with themselves, integrate new information, experience community, and have fun while enjoying the benefits of fantastic customized raw, scrumptious, guilt-free chocolate.

Commonly Asked Questions

Your participants will gratefully receive this life-transformative break experience as a special gift. It will expand and enhance the value your workshop already offers and make it all the more memorable. I customize the meditation and chocolate to support your workshop and content thus reinforcing your intention and helping them integrate your teachings
A unique experience! After we discuss your workshop, your needs and your intentions I will customize chocolate for you. I will also create a special meditation to help manifest your intentions for the group. At the designated date and time I will share the sacred cacao meditation with your participants, creating the atmosphere you desire
The meditation and cacao-tasting experience can last twenty minutes to one hour, depending on your requirements. I will work with you to create a memorable experience for all.
Sacred Healing Cacao Meditations are the perfect addition to any ceremony or celebration.
It is a unique and fun way to celebrate life!


Express deep devotion and holy union with a sacred cacao meditation during your wedding ceremony, or in private with your beloved. I will customize both the chocolate and the meditation to meet your needs as a couple. The sacred cacao can be made for the bride and groom only, can include the wedding party, or can expand to include the guests.


Celebrate a birthday for yourself, a friend, colleague, or family member with a chocolate meditation. I will customize the cacao and meditation and blessing to suit the honored person’s intention. If you would like to surprise the birthday man or woman, I can do that as well. I can individualize a single piece of birthday chocolate for a quaint celebration or create special morsels for all of the party-goers.



Commemorate a wedding anniversary, long-time friendship, employment anniversary, sobriety anniversary, the death of a loved one, etc. with a special piece of chocolate intended to honor and celebrate the passing of time and life’s many transformations. I can create an individual serving or multiples to share.

Bachelorette Parties

Go wild with the girls and some sensational chocolate! Or seriously prepare for the upcoming wedding ceremony with a sacred cacao meditation. Whichever you choose, this party promises to be memorable for everyone. Customized to meet the bride’s dreams…chocolate chocolate chocolate! (I joyfully prepare the cacao and meditation; you organize the rest of the party)

Dinner Parties

Surprise and honor your guests with a sacred healing cacao meditation for dessert. I will customize the chocolate and meditation to suit your needs and the needs of your guests. They will be amazed, delighted and wanting more! Ask me about making a scrumptious raw dessert as well.

Special Events

Are you having a special event? Sacred cacao meditations are a unique and fun way to entertain, share special news, and honor those you care about. Marriage proposals, work promotions, CD release parties, book signings etc. It’s always the perfect time for chocolate!

Individual Ceremonies

I will customize a ceremony with an individual, a couple or family. This includes coming of age, birthdays, weddings, manifesting your soul mate, graduations, travel, creating financial abundance, a new business endeavor, moving, blessing a new home, divorces, recovery from an illness, births, deaths etc. Use your imagination; I am creating something you shall remember always


This was my favorite meditation yet, on all levels. From the journey of my heart, mind and body to the sensations of taste, feelings and power… I feel strong and solid in my heart and body… passionate and discerning. Thank You! With Infinite Love and Gratitude.

—DW, Chicago

Beautiful celebration of the senses, elements, body, mind and spirit. It ‘filled’ me, as if I was filled with warmth inside my core. It was soothing and comforting while activating my solar plexus and heart chakras. Thank you so much for a Very sensational event!

—AL, Norway

The transformation meditation was very powerful, the chocolate made with love was incredible and your voice is beautiful. The chocolate sizzled through my body and felt like change, it was wonderfully rich and empowering.

—NM, Australia

I enjoyed how beautifully Kristin shares her passion, the chocolates were sensational! I felt a lightness throughout my whole body- a range of taste sensations. I experienced an inner strength – a velvety, sombre richness.


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