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Dolphin Assisted Therapy is a unique healing modality that explores interspecies communication, both physical and energetic exchanges between person, dolphin, environment and therapist.
My multidimensional approach expands far beyond directive dolphin interaction. The experience is rich with opportunities to connect with yourself, the dolphins, the therapists, the water and the surrounding environment in a healing and transformative way. When you connect in this profound way healing occurs on many levels. Often old subconscious patterns shift, triggers dissolve, pain leaves, dis-ease patterns are released, stress melts away, and your body’s abilities to heal, release, regenerate and thrive is powerfully activated.

I create and run my own holistic, integrative, and multi-modality, dolphin assisted therapy retreats. I customize these retreats based on your therapeutic desires, facility availability, and season. I weave multiple therapies such as acupuncture, advanced craniosacral therapy, meditation, Integral life coaching, functional blood chemistry analysis and more; along with dolphin assisted therapy, to ensure you have a truly transformative, often ecstatic healing experience. Most programs offer “experiences” and offer no follow-up or integration. Something that is unique to working with me is that I further support you to integrate the healing into your everyday life and relationships.


I’m currently a lead therapist with Integrative Intentions and have been for the last 11 years. Their programs tend to only utilize craniosacral therapy. I love working with the patients and therapists I’ve met in these programs! The video shown is from their program.

“I prefer to dive even deeper, using multiple modalities to facilitate your healing in an expanded experience. Each program I offer is unique because of the convergence of time, place, participants, therapists, season, dolphins and trainers. Each program compassionately holds space for you to move beyond that which has blocked you from experiencing vitality, balance and joy in every aspect of your life, even the seemingly most difficult ones. There are no words to adequately describe the depth of exchange between you, the dolphins and the environment. Please join us for an experience of a lifetime and heal your body, mind and spirit”

Program Length

My unique programs run 4 or 5 days. We will co-create a magical therapeutic experience that will carry you beyond what you thought possible.
Integrative Intentions is currently running 4 day programs.

Program Costs

Program cost depends on length, time of year, and the individualized program I create for you. Everything will be discussed and agreed upon before payment is made. Program costs may include room and board depending on your needs. Program cost does Not usually include airfare. Please contact me directly for details.
Program costs for Integrative Intentions varies. It never includes airfare, room and board. Please contact Kat at Integrative Intentions 1-575-894-4325

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Program Location

Freeport, Bahamas
Bimini, Bahamas
Others TBA


In my private, individualized programs we will discuss your accommodation needs and make sure every detail is taken care of. Often we rent a large house on the beach where we will stay and do table therapy.


Transportation will be determined by location. In my custom transformational programs, I supply transportation to and from the airport unless other arrangements are determined ahead of time.


I create and run transformational dolphin assisted therapy retreats where I am the main facilitator. I often invite a few of the top therapists in the US and Canada to join us for multiple hands-on advanced craniosacral therapy as well as other modalities. I like to blend the best of our skillset to offer you a magnificent healing journey. I’ve been part of Integrative Intentions Dolphin Assisted Therapy programs since 2006. I also was blessed to create and facilitate my own DAT, multidimensional, all-inclusive therapy program in San Carlos, Mexico in 2010.

Lead Therapists

Myself and the Lead therapists I invite are all highly skilled with a license to touch, training in CranioSacral therapy and SomatoEmotional release, BioAquatic CST, open hearted, compassionate, communicative, a passion for and experience with dolphin assisted therapy, the objective is to support you on your healing path with love, balance, peace and joy, high integrity, and healthy boundaries. Contact me to inquire about upcoming programs and change your life forever!

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