Brain Healing

Bruno Chikly, MD and founder of the Chikly Institute, is the creator of this marvelous technique. It works extensively with the structures of the brain or parenchyma (the essential or functional parts of an organ) rather than on cranial bones and membranes like the advanced craniosacral therapy.
The combination of the two techniques is quite profound!

I address specific structures and physiology of the brain and spinal cord using extremely light touch. Some of these structures are glands which strongly influence hormones while others produce and regulate neurotransmitters. The body will often align itself around key tissue restrictions to cause various symptoms. The restrictions are commonly the most important and least-often addressed components of somatic dysfunction. I am able to locate these restrictions and offer the brain an opportunity to release, reorganize and rebalance itself. When I energetically touch the brain, it is as though I am holding-up a mirror, and that part of the brain sees itself and automatically realigns based on that feedback.


This technique is so individualized that I cannot predict how the brain will respond or what someone will experience. Sessions last from 45 minutes to an hour. I have been using this technique with incredible results! People with headaches and migraines get lasting relief. People with immune challenges notice symptoms diminish. People with memory issues notice they have greater capacity to remember. Fatigue and sleep problems dissolve, and a greater sense of relaxation, balance and well-being pervade. There is a fascinating shift in awareness that can unfold for students of evolving consciousness, where I can help someone access deeper levels of understanding and broader perspectives on life, relationships, community, culture and the world

This profound modality has been known to help any brain- and spinal-related pathologies including closed head injury, whiplash, headaches, dyslexia, cerebral palsy, cognitive and behavioral dysfunctions, learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, post-meningitis syndrome, post-polio syndromes, birth trauma, feeding difficulties, migraines etc. (

“I know that the normal brain lives, thinks, and moves within its own specific membranous articular mechanism.”– Sutherland WG, “The Cranial Bowl”, Free Press, First Edition, 1939, reprint 1994, pp 51.Therefore, it’s important to address the individual structures and how the whole brain is in relationship to every other aspect of your body and mind. This technique can help rewire and reconnect your brain in fantastic ways, leaving you deeply relaxed and transformed. I uniquely weave this brain work with advanced craniosacral therapy to offer you an even deeper and more profound healing experience. I often find that just doing one modality isn’t enough and it’s the specialized combination that helps unlock the secrets to your individualized healing.

It may be difficult to imagine someone “touching” your brain; however the experience can be quite pleasurable. One patient shared “it feels like I just had brain surgery-without pain, and everything is somehow rewired, I feel Amazing!”

You are unique so I always ask your body what it needs and how it needs it. I trust the inherent wisdom of your body and brain to guide us on your individual path of healing and vibrant health.


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