Advanced CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a form of Osteopathy that was developed by Dr. John Upledger. It is an incredibly gentle, non-invasive modality that supports the body’s innate ability to heal. This hands-on technique uses about 5 grams of pressure, the weight of a nickel, to evaluate and treat various forms of restriction in the body, including osseous, fascial, connective tissue, visceral, and ligaments to name a few. Most people are unaware of restrictions until they have a symptom, furthermore it’s common that the symptoms occur away from the restriction. Everything is intimately connected. I’ve often found that a symptom of low back pain was actually stemming from something in the neck or a misalignment of the bones of the skull. If I simply went straight to the pain then the issue would never fully resolve. I listen to your unique body so that we get to the root.

The CranioSacral Rhythm is used to evaluate exactly where the body is asking for support as well as a significance detector when we are working with a particular restriction or pattern of dysfunction. This rhythm is palpable any place on the body and is separate from respiration and heartbeat. I work with the cranium, bones of the skull, the sacrum, all the connective tissue and fascia in the body as well as organs and the brain.


Advanced CST is a powerful tool to release tissue memory or cell memory. Every cell in your body stores information and often locks in stress or trauma, as a means of protection. This can lead to some emotional expression, referred to as Somatoemotional release. I’m trained to guide you through this process with specific techniques that honor your body’s inner wisdom. People often have done the “head” part of healing through various forms of talk therapy but have yet to integrate it into their bodies. You may have chronic recurrent pain from an accident, injury, stress, or trauma. Or a pain may be associated with a much older, even mild trauma that you’ve forgotten about, even a birth incident. I’ve heard time and time again that a fall or injury happened decades ago, and the patient had completely forgotten about it. Then they have a flash of memory or a sensation that reminds them of it and the tissues completely release it, once and for all. The pain often resolves quickly. You don’t have to remember it for it to be connected to your current symptom. I can find the connections by listening to your body, no guess work needed. I share CST in a way which allows the body and tissues to release and resolve old trauma, both physical and emotional.

The work is truly holistic in nature and approaches the entire person as a whole rather than a series of individual parts. The techniques that I utilize to evaluate and treat allow your body to prioritize which aspect it would like addressed and how. This extremely individualized approach gives you access to optimal healing, health and vitality.

What can CST offer me?

CST helps bring balance to your physical structure, Central Nervous System, Endocrine system, Immune system, Enteric nervous system, Lymphatic system, Meridian system, structures of your brain, organs, and also helps to balance emotional stress. CST has been studied to beneficially impact and often relieve symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, pain, anxiety, learning disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, ADD-ADHD, Autism, sports injuries, trauma (car accidents, falls, abuse, natural disasters), immune dysfunction, birth defects, colic in babies, and arthritic conditions to name a few. It has been shown to decrease inflammation, which is a factor in every single disease pattern. It is deeply relaxing, helping restore balance and peace to the body and mind.

How will I be evaluated?

I check the Symmetry, Quality, Amplitude and Rate of your CranioSacral Rhythm at different places of your body. For example: your feet, thighs, hips, ribs, shoulders and head. I also employ a technique called Arcing which helps pin point the area or areas of restriction. The body clearly shows me how it would like to prioritize the releasing process and I listen intently.

What to expect

At the beginning of each session I will evaluate where your CranioSacral system is through the CranioSacral Rhythm and Arcing. I begin with about 5 grams of pressure, the weight of a nickel, on the primary restriction or the initial place of release and use subtle techniques to support your body in completely releasing that restriction. I then move to the next place your body shows me in need of support. Sessions usually last about an hour. They are quite relaxing and people often fall asleep. People report feeling grounded, re-aligned and calm after a session. Sometimes, if there was a lot of tissue unwinding, a person may feel sore the next day, like after a workout. This passes within 24-48 hours. The client usually feels more energy and greater sense of vitality.


How many sessions do I need?

I utilize this modality in all of my VIP Transformational retreats, so you will receive it daily during our therapy time . Depending on your situation, I may recommend one session per week for 4-6 weeks and then drop back to once a month or once a season. More chronic and severe issues will need more sessions. I believe that prevention is the key and coming in before you feel pain or discomfort is ideal. I like to call these sessions “tune-ups”. I will make recommendations depending on what I find, but ultimately I encourage you to listen to your body and heart and do what feels best.


Your body is integrating a great deal of structural and tissue changes for about 48-72 hrs after the session. Drink more water than normal, eat healthy (avoid processed junk and sugar) get a little extra sleep and please don’t exercise for about 24 hours after your session, however walking is fine. If you have any abnormal discomfort or concerns please feel free to contact me

Multi Hands Sessions or Intensives

A Special opportunity I’m now offering is Multiple Hands CST sessions with two or more advanced practitioners. I have teamed up to share our magnificently harmonized healing hands to bring you a deeply healing and transformative session. Restrictions release faster, you go deeper more quickly, and stress and tension melt away. This is a sacred and profound journey of release and rejuvenation. Please consider taking advantage of multiple hands-on. These sessions usually are only available during a VIP transformational retreat. Sessions can be either 60, 90 or 120 minutes depending on your preference. Please inquire as to availability.

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