Heal vs Cure – A New Hope

Healing can often lead to a cure but not always.

First let’s define our subject matter. Curing means that all evidence of disease is eliminated. Some might add that health is restored to the physical body, but you can cure a disease and still not have a healthy body, like after chemotherapy has “cured” someone, their body is still sick. Often a cure is not individualized in terms of the Western medical approach, rather a “one size fits all” model is used. Sometimes this works to achieve a “cure”, but often it does not and curing certainly doesn’t mean that the root issues have been resolved. This means the illness could return or another set of symptoms or dis-ease patterns may emerge in it’s place.  It’s true that there are documented events of spontaneous cures that didn’t rely on Western medical procedures or drugs.

On the other hand, healing is better understood as a process that restores a new kind of wholeness to the body, mind and spirit of the person. It’s not viewed as merely the cessation of symptoms, although this could be part of it. It’s often a deeper and individualized process of transformation. It includes moving from an old way of being, thinking, and feeling, into a new way of being, thinking, and feeling. Sometimes healing takes time because it can require deep inner work, but I’ve also seen people have profound healing in as little as thirty minutes sitting and speaking with me, or laying on my treatment table, during one of my guided meditations, or in a retreat setting I’ve created.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 24 years ago. I was told it was “incurable” and I’d have those horrible symptoms for life with little to no hope of relief.  I began my unique healing journey and through nutrition, lifestyle, resolving both emotional and physical trauma with homeopathy, craniosacral therapy, somatoemotional release,  biological medicine, chi gong, and acupuncture, I was cured.  I learned that there were layers to healing, like the skin of an onion, and I was peeling them off as my body prioritized. My body has an inner wisdom that shepherded my healing process and yours does too. I found support that guided me and honored my individuality.

Western medicine places a strong emphasis on alleviating symptoms rather than healing. They also invest heavily in looking for “cures”. They don’t necessarily treat to cure but they are grounded in a model that is always searching for a cure without actively looking for or addressing the root causes nor taking preventative action. One reason for this is because the root causes of illness or dis-ease are often outside the scope of a Western trained physicians education, experience, and financial incentives. Nutrition, lifestyle, stress, chemicals, living and work environments, relationships, all of which impact epigenetics (the scientific field that found expression of your genes is influences by your lifestyle, environment and nutrition) are huge factors in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. For example, there are many disease patterns, both acute and chronic, that are rooted in nutritional imbalances, immune dysfunction (autoimmune diseases and cancers), and gastrointestinal issues.  These are hardly addressed, rather pharmaceutical band aids are used to mask symptoms.

I believe and practice that sometimes these band aids are important and necessary but only while the root of the imbalances are being investigated and treated.

Can you have profound healing and not be cured? Yes, this may come as a surprise to you, but deep healing can occur even if no cure is found. I remember working with a woman who had the symptoms of breast cancer. She’d been “fighting” it for about 5 years before I became involved with her complex case. She had multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation as well as some “natural” therapies. As we traversed the vulnerable path of healing, we all knew that a complete “cure” was unlikely at this late stage. The chemo and radiation had taken their toll on her body and her immune system was no longer able to function. And she also experienced deep healing. Challenges with various family members were resolved, her inner voices of self-doubt and low self-esteem vanished, she began to experience a deep sense of peace and freedom that she had never before felt. She reported experiencing “healings”, and yet the cancer remained.

Often healing and curing go hand in hand. In the last 20 years of working in the field of holistic healthcare I’ve found that people who heal the root issues that led to their dis-eased state, usually experience the cure as well.

So why am I more focused on healing and prevention than I am on curing and believe you should be too?

First, you get more bang for your buck, time and energy.  You could spend countless years and thousands of dollars chasing a cure but completely miss the underlying issue.

Second, healing will bring you more happiness and peace. Quick fixes are fine but they usually don’t last. Your lasting peace of mind and heart are more important.

Finally, in holistic healthcare I am grounded in searching for the causes while empowering you to create a preventative lifestyle and nutrition plan to avoid current and future suffering, further decreasing dependency on a medical system that doesn’t acknowledge all of the variables upon which vibrant health depends.

I believe healing requires a comprehensive approach in order to be successful. The entire person; mind-body-emotions-spirit, as well as relationships, lifestyle and environment must be addressed in order to fully heal. And that is exciting to me. It lights me up to be with people as they discover themselves, their blind spots, unmet needs and desires, gifts, and passions. It may sound daunting if you believe you have to do it all on your own, fortunately you don’t. Healing is the result of the mind, body, emotions, spirit coming into dynamic balance and harmony within itself, your environment and your relationships. It isn’t about perfection but rediscovering a new kind of wholeness.

Blessings of Vibrant Health,
Kristin Grayce McGary

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Kristin Grayce McGary weaves 20 years of experience, education, and wisdom with profound compassion to provide you with individualized, empowered, and holistic opportunities to heal on all levels. She is a passionate and dynamic teacher who truly embodies her work. She artfully blends healing modalities to guide you on a transformative path to optimal health

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