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Kristin Grayce McGary

Kristin Grayce McGary weaves 20 years of experience, education, and wisdom with profound compassion to provide you with individualized, empowered, and holistic opportunities to heal on all levels. She is a passionate and dynamic teacher who truly embodies her work.  She artfully blends healing modalities to guide you on a transformative path to optimal health.
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  • Migraines I’ve suffered weekly for years are gone! Fevers I suffered regularly have yet to recur.
    Kristin has, in a very short time, given me back my life!

    – Polly D. Tucson, AZ

  • I don’t know anyone else doing this comprehensive approach to healing.

    -Jill H


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"Migraines I’ve suffered weekly for years are gone!Fevers I suffered regularly have yet to recur.Kristin has, in a very short time, given me back my life!"

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Polly D. Tucson, AZ
"Kristin's chocolate tasting experiences​/meditations​ are a journey like no other- an orgasmic feast for the spirit, the body and the mind to unify and reconnect in a sacred, divine, magical way... what a chocomagical experience! Thanks Cacao Goddess!"

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Adelaide, Australia​
"Kristin Grayce's unique therapeutic approach applies to the whole person and all parts of the human experience. She is my number one, go-to, health practitioner."

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Millit Gray Parks, AZ

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